About the blogger

I am a father of three boys, and I am soon to have a daughter. I am also a devoted husband to my wife of seven years, who is in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Growing up my grandfather loved to load my brother and I up in his old pickup, and go on day trips exploring places in the woods of Mississippi. When we would find places he would give us the history, if he knew it. It was great times for us.

My parents also were travelers. They worked for the government most of my childhood life, so we moved all over the country. We often went on vacations, but they were not the type you would typically go on. Often they were cheap weekend excursions to some place that they had heard about, or found on accident. There was never any real preperation for these trips, so sometimes there were mishaps along the way. That is what often times made it fun, and always memorable.

Growing up my family was, and still is very close. I fully intend that the family I have started be the same. I would also like to help you be closer to your family, through these types of trips, and togetherness. I warn you, sometimes it is hard, and things happen that you would never expect. At the time you will probably cuss about taking the trip, and cuss about my encouragement to get yourself into these times, but in time you will laugh about it, and the kids will always tease you about the time you….. and you will laugh again.

You don’t have to spend a lot, to do this, so follow me in my quest to share our country, and the real world with you.



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