Posted by: theurban6 | March 30, 2011

The Axle

Well with the trailer being nearly finished I have noticed that the tires were tilted in at the top. It could mean only one thing, the #1000 axle was seriously, or over loaded. So off to the store I went.

I bought a #3500 axle from Tractor supply, and some new wheels for it from Harbor Freight. I managed to change out the axles pretty easily, with exception to the new axle having a bend in it. This bend is the way it is made. The axle was meant to be installed spring over axle, but I do not have enough room at this time so I had to install it upside down temporarily.

Upon removing the Harbor freight axle I found one of the welds broken, that holds the stub to the tube. This was the reason it was bent. The new axle did make a big difference though I can see that in the future I will need some new springs and plan on these being the non slipper type.


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