Posted by: theurban6 | November 8, 2010

My homebuilt Squared Teardrop Camper

First let me say I love tent camping, it is about all I have ever done. All of my camping equipment is of the well made variety, which also means heavy. In the past we have used small utility trailers, as “camp trailers”, to carry all of our equipment, and this has always worked well for us. As I have gotten older I have grown tired of laying on roots, and rocks, but I wouldn’t buy an RV because it is just not me. I often thought about buying a pop up camper, but they are to high of a price for what you get in my opinion. I also thought of buying an older one and fixing it up. Some where in this process I ran across the teardrop camper. I loved the ones I saw online, but most of the ones you see are just to well finished for me. I am a utilitarian kind of guy, I drive a Jeep (that I don’t mind scratching), and I wanted a utilitarian teardrop.

After a few years of research I chose to make a squared teardrop. I started out buying a Harbor Freight 4×8 foldable trailer in a box. I used the 20% off coupon you find in magazines, and paid $295 out the door. It took 5 hours to put it together, but I did it as a non folding trailer.

I then towed it to Lowes, and bought the following:
5 sheets of untreated 1/2″ plywood 4×8
1 sheet of treated 1/2″ plywood 4×8
2 sheets of 1/4 Luan plywood 4×8
4 2x4x8’s
14 2x2x8’s
3 100 pack 3/4″ sheet metal screws
2 packs 3/4 wood screws
2 packs 2 1/2″ wood screws
6 3/8″x 2 1/2″ carriage bolts w/ 12 washers, 6 nuts to match
5 rolls 20″x 25′ aluminum flashing
6 90* x 10 ft flashings
and other misc aluminum angles and flats.

All total I built the simplest squared teardrop you can possibly make, for $800, and 30 hrs of labor.

My Teardrop


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